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Baby Plastic Bathroom Toy Sprinkler Accessories Electric Duck Shower Ball For Bathtub

Baby Plastic Bathroom Toy Sprinkler Accessories Electric Duck Shower Ball For Bathtub

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100% new design and high quality

Must-have for fashion women

Have a beautiful appearance

1. Spray the wine evenly

The 304 stainless steel drain pan design adopts the formal bathroom design, which is humane and professional. The 0.5mm water column is strong enough, but it is gentle and does not cause the child's skin to be itchy.

2. Pump

The water pump in the appearance of the boat, and the shower head is connected to the head of the little duck

The boat floats on the surface of the water, with a suction cup, it can be adsorbed on the bottom of the water or on the wall of the bathtub to play. The installation needs to be rotated and pressed in, and it takes some effort to remove it.

3. Scientific design

The air pump can be completely immersed in water. If the air is stuck, the water cannot be pumped, and the pumping is not smooth, you can pinch the orange tube to discharge the bubbles

4. Pumping port

The suction port at the bottom must be completely immersed in the water without trapping air. Or bubbles can be better to pump water, stuck to bubbles will not be able to pump water

5. The powerful suction cup stabilizes and prevents it from falling off

Strong adsorption, suitable for different scenarios

Product Information:

Material: Plastic

Function: Water spray bathroom

Specification: 35*15*10cm

Packing method: Color box

Product Category: Water Toys

Category: Summer toys

3C configuration category: Plastic toys under 14 years old

Commodity 3C certification code: 2020152202030873

Applicable age: Infants (0-3 years old)

Packing list:

8366-203 Electric water jet duck + shower, 

electric water jet duck (three styles) one boat + 3 ducks,

No. 7 rechargeable battery * 6 + charger + screwdriver

8366-29A rainbow duck turn around [no light, no light Music], 

8366-29A Rainbow Duck Rotating Music [Light + Music], 

8366-29A Rainbow Duck Rotating Music + Track [Lighting + Music],

 8633-24A Assembled Track Game [34 Piece Set], 

8633-25A Assembled Track Game [48-piece set], 

8633-26A assembling orbital game [66-piece set]

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