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Car Quick Coating Spray

Car Quick Coating Spray

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Are you tired of spending hours washing and polishing your car, only to have it get dirty again the next day? If so, then our 3-in-1 High Protection Quick Coat Sprayer is the perfect solution for you! This easy-to-use spray is the fastest and most effective way to clean, restore and polish your car, and it will also create a protective coating that will keep your car looking shiny and new for months. Just spray 3 in 1 ceramic coating spray on your car paint and it will instantly remove dirt, grime, bird droppings, bugs, mud, dust, grease and stubborn stains on contact, making car washes a breeze. So don't waste any more time or money on ineffective car care products - order our 3-in-1 High Protection Quick Coat Sprayer today!




Net Content: 30ml, 100ml
Product Size: 10.8x2.8cm, 17x4cm/4.25*1.1 in, 6.7*1.57 in
Product Weight: 41g, 110g
Uses: cleaning, protecting car paint, repairing, coating

Product List:
1*3 in 1 Quick Coating Spray

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