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Flame Lamp Volcano Humidifier

Flame Lamp Volcano Humidifier

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Looking for an air humidifier that will not only improve the quality of your air but also provide a unique and relaxing experience? Look no further than the Flame Lamp Volcano Humidifier! This humidifier features a simulation flame lighting effect that is both calming and beautiful to look at. The healing jellyfish smoke ring effect is also perfect for helping you relax and feel at ease. Additionally, the aromatherapy function of this humidifier can help soothe sleep and stress. Finally, the delicate mist produced by this humidifier will remove any dryness from the air, leaving you with clean, refreshed air to breathe.



Power: 12W
Voltage: DC24V/0.5A
Atomization amount:
Flame mode: 20-30ml/h
Volcano mode: 5-10ml/h
Water tank capacity: 360ml
High frequency ultrasonic: 2.4MHZ
Product size: 138* 138* 108mm
Main material: ABS/PP / electronic components


Package Includes:
Aroma Diffuser*1
Power Cord*1
User Manual*1

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