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HHCC Flora Monitor Garden Care

HHCC Flora Monitor Garden Care

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The HHCC Flora Monitor Garden Care Tester is a top of the line garden monitoring system that gives users a detailed account of the health of their plants. This easy to use sensor can be placed in any pot or garden, and gives users an instant analysis of the soil, water, and fertility levels. The device can also be used to monitor grass and flower health. With the HHCC app, users can get real time updates on the condition of their plants and gardens, and receive tips on how to optimize growth. The Flora Monitor is an essential tool for any green thumb, and makes gardening easier than ever before!

Product Features:
1. Easy and convenient to use and operate
2. Provide a healthy growing environment for all plants
3. Easily check on the condition of your plants
4. Can recognize different kinds of plants via smart phone
5. Open Bluetooth and connect smart home APP to manage your plants

1. Waterproof design around battery compartment;
2. IP5 Waterproof grade: anti spray type waterproof, any direction directly by the water jet, no harmful effects;
3. Nutrient testing, soil moisture detection, temperature detection, light detection;
4. Precise detection of light and temperature water and fertilizer;
5. Cloud Plant Database;
6. Phone Bluetooth connection.

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