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Mini Hand Sewing Machine

Mini Hand Sewing Machine

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Introducing the Mini Hand Sewing Machine – the perfect tool for craftspeople and DIY enthusiasts who want to make their best work from home. This lightweight, portable hand-held sewing machine is an easy-to-carry device that allows you to carry around your own creative projects, making it perfect for personal alterations or small repairs. Its motor uses either 4 AA batteries or a power adapter (not included) to feed the fabric into position as you use it. To repair clothing, bedding, or drapes without taking them down or off, this convenient mini machine is ideal!

This product offers so much potential for craftspeople who are looking to create unique works of art like aprons, handkerchiefs, and cloth gloves without any hassles or discomfort. Repositioning your fabric while stitching is accomplished with ease – just hold the fabric in one hand and use the other thumb to press down gently on the machine and let it do the heavy lifting. The machine automatically adjusts tension in between stitches according to your needs so no two pieces are ever alike. You might even find yourself fashioning new pieces with colors that you had never imagined before! For longer tasks, simply extend the spool shaft and insert larger thread groups so that you’ll never run out of supplies in mid-project again. Changing needles is also an easy process - simply loosen the fixing screw and swap out for a new one at any time.

Make every project a stylish success with our Mini Hand Sewing Machine! Professional quality pieces made from home will make each item something special – get yours today!

Material: Plastic + Metal
Color: White

Power by: 4 x AA battery(not included) / Sewing kit accessories:  Random color

The adapter is US or EU Plug


Material: ABS + Metal

Color: As picture show

Storage bag size: 17.8cm x 12.2cm x 3cm

Sewing machine Kits:

1 x stainless steel scissors

1 x long measuring tape

30 x assorted hand sewing needles kit

40 x multi colors sewing pins

40 x color spools of thread

4 x snap buttons

2 x safety pins 

3 x buttons

1 x aluminum thimble

1 x hatching pen

1 x metal crochet hook

1 x plastic crochet hook

1 x magnifying glass

1 x plastic needle threader

1 x storage bag

Operating Steps:

1. Install 4 AA batteries or use adaptor(Can't mix the battery with different brand or mix the old battery with new battery)
2. Installation line, place the cloth
3. Hold the fabric with the left hand, gently press the right thumb gently, and the machine will automatically send the object to the left. The right hand does not move, let the machine feed itself, and the left-hand controls the direction of the cloth. Stitch the line until the end of sewing, it can automatically feed and adjust the tightness between the stitches.
4. Knot: The Single Stitch, so you have to Tie A Knot by yourself.
5. Change the line group: Pull out directly, and be careful not to drop the spring. For example, if you change the large line group, you can connect the spare extension rod to the spool shaft and insert the large thread group. Then re-thread the thread and adjust the tension of the thread. Sewing.
6. Change the needle: Loosen the fixing screw, and install a new needle.

The machine does not sew, and sews intermittently, what should I do?
1: Unscrew the screw, loosen the needle screw
2: Adjust the needle to a proper length, The height of the needle is neither too high nor too low. (the needle head can be seen from the hole ).
3: Tighten the screw till the needle is immovable. When tightening the screw, there is a groove on the needle body. This groove must face straight ahead.

Package included:
1 x Sewing Machine (You can choose the mix of products you want to buy according to your needs)

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