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Shark Projector Torch Lamp

Shark Projector Torch Lamp

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This wonderful Shark Projector Torch Lamp is perfect for kids who love animals! It projects random patterns that are soothing and fun to look at, while also providing interesting early education opportunities for children. Made of high-quality ABS and other materials, it is safe for little hands to use. Very easy to operate, just slide in a disc of your choice and rotate or adjust the image to view the projected design. The size is perfect for kids to hold and it is easy to carry. This amazing toy will surely stimulate your child's curiosity and imagination!



Material: ABS
Size: As Shown
Batteries: Three Button Cells
Function: Projection, Lighting
Color: Pink, Green, Blue

Package Includes:
1 Pcs * Shark Projector
16Pcs * Slideshow
Including battery

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