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Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard

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Protect your teeth and gums when engaging in sports with the Lekaro Adult Sports Tooth Protection Eva Mouth Guard! Whether it’s for football, rugby, basketball, boxing or any other contact sport requiring additional protection for your teeth and mouth- this guard is just the thing. The easy to use instructions involve heating water to approximately 75-80 degrees Celsius, soaking the guard in the water for 30 seconds, then placing the guard in your mouth where you can adjust it into a comfortable position. For an even more comfortable fit, we recommend lightly sipping water before inserting the mouthguard. It will form nicely to the shape of your mouth so there are no uncomfortable distractions during sports games. This guard is suitable for all sports and makes sure that you’re protected from painful injuries no matter what type of sport you’re taking part in. Invest in yourself and purchase today!




Type: Sports Braces
Material: Food Grade EVA
Size: Tooth Protector:
Adult: 59*46*19
Color: Red, Grey, Blue

Package Includes:
Mouth Guard*1

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