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Swing Sled Penguin Car Pendant

Swing Sled Penguin Car Pendant

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Introducing the Swing Sled Penguin Car Pendant! This unique car pendant will be the perfect addition to your ride. Crafted with wood and resin, this stylish design features a charming hand-painted gentleman penguin zipping along on a swing sled. The sleek black, white and grey coloring brings an air of sophistication to your car's interior. With the Swing Sled Penguin Car Pendant, you can travel in style and add character to any vehicle both inside and out. Its special hanger hook provides an easy attachment while also serving as a convenient way to remove or reposition the decoration. Sleek enough for luxury cars but small enough to fit any design, what better way is there to add personality to your car? Whether it’s for you or as a thoughtful gift for someone you love, investing in the Swing Sled Penguin Car Pendant is sure to make anyone smile!



Name: Penguin Pendant
Size: 4.4 * 5.4 / 5.8cm, Total Length: 25cm
Material: Wood + Resin
Packaging: Bubble Bag Packaging

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