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Voice-controlled Leather Cord Lamp

Voice-controlled Leather Cord Lamp

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Elevate your home lighting with our App DIY Remote Control Voice-Controlled Leather Cord Lamp. This innovative lamp combines modern design with cutting-edge technology. Using a smartphone app, you can control the lamp remotely and even use voice commands for hands-free operation. With its elegant leather cord, this lamp adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Bring convenience and style to your home with this unique and versatile lighting solution.




Product information :
Specifications: One meter for 10 lamps, five meters for 50 lamps and ten meters for 100 lamps.
Light source power: 3W(W)
Scope of application: Outdoor atmosphere lighting, festivals, home parties, weddings
Input voltage: ≤36
Control mode: Key, voice control, mobile APP, key/remote control
Power supply: USB interface


Packing list:
Voice-activated rubber cord lamp *1
Remote control * 1

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